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High-quality kitchen cabinets provide your home with form, function, and beauty. They should also be heirloom quality. A high quality kitchen cabinet should be able to withstand wear and tear over the years, long enough to serve a second generation in that very household. Low quality kitchen cabinets will easily scuff, dent, and sag. Low quality kitchen cabinets can be extremely frustrating as their value nearly immediately depreciates leaving you with an empty wallet and an eyesore.

Kitchen cabinets from the highest quality furniture stores will be your best bet for a long lasting kitchen that is worth your time and energy. To ensure you’re getting high quality kitchen cabinets, search for the following traits.

American Made Solid Hardwood Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets from a big box store will likely be made of cheaper materials, like particleboard and plywood. High quality kitchen cabinets are going to be made of all solid hardwood. American made kitchen cabinets like the ones from Kloter Farms will be made with all solid hardwood and dovetail joinery for a clean smooth finish.

American made solid hardwood cabinets will be a higher quality that you can see and feel. The cabinetry will be long lasting and provide you with an incredible kitchen. Kloter Farms kitchen cabinets are made out of 100% solid hardwood, never any particle board or particle board pieces.

Unlimited Customizations Options

The highest quality kitchen cabinets allow you to make changes to fit your custom lifestyle. Customization options mean that your special kitchen cabinets are not just sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Having customized options for your kitchen cabinets will make storing and accessing your kitchen items convenient. Customized kitchen cabinets can create special places for your trash bins, dishwasher, and around your refrigerator. You’ll maximize the capabilities of your kitchen with pull out corner optimizing drawers, too!

Detailed Handcrafted Care

Each piece is made custom and specific just for you. The highest quality kitchen cabinets will not be in a warehouse somewhere collecting dust. The quality and attention to detail that goes into these cabinets will be the highest available on the market. You will be able to rest assured knowing that your kitchen cabinet have been carefully quality checked and made by hand.

One on One Care and Attention

Custom kitchen cabinetry from Kloter Farms will give you the greatest quality with a personal experience. When you meet with one of our kitchen experts, our sole focus will be on you. We’ll dedicate time specifically for your project, and work with you to come up with creative ideas to diminish pain points in your kitchen. Together, we’ll bring your kitchen to life with high-quality kitchen cabinets you’ll love for years to come.

Quality Kitchen Cabinets from Kloter Farms

Choosing high quality kitchen cabinetry will greatly benefit your life for years to come. Stay away from any place that isn’t able to accommodate the custom features you’re looking for and big box stores that only have particleboard cabinets. Solid wood, American made cabinets will be beautiful and long lasting. For your next cabinetry project, call or visit the kitchen cabinetry specialists at Kloter Farms!

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