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There are many things to consider when choosing to remodel your kitchen. Color, wood type, style, counter tops, backsplash… the list goes on and on and on. One popular trend that is rising and we expect to see more of in 2023 are floating kitchen cabinets and floating kitchen islands. Let’s define what those are, and see if it’s a good style for your kitchen project!

What are Floating Kitchen Cabinets?

Traditional cabinets are commonly referred to as “floored” cabinets, meaning that the cabinetry extends all the way to the ground. For wall cabinets, the floored cabinets would extend up all the way to the ceiling.

So, what are floating kitchen cabinets? Floating kitchen cabinets are mounted directly into your walls so that they “float” above the ground. Floating kitchen cabinets will either not have a toe kick (space under your cabinet, typically set back to leave space for your feet) or have a noticeably pushed back toe kick to give the “floating” effect. This makes your space seem bigger and brighter in appearance.

What is a Floating Kitchen Island?

A floating kitchen island works similarly, but of course has no walls to be mounted to. Instead, the same look and feel is created by having a longer countertop that extends beyond the base, and not having legs or feet. This will give the island the same floating effect as the kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes, if your island has a toe kick, the toe kick will wrap around the entire island to mirror the look of the cabinetry. Consider adding lighting underneath your island, wrapping around the toe kick, to enhance the floating effect.

How Can Floating Cabinets & Island Work in Your Home?

The floating cabinet style is not for every home owner. Some people prefer a more traditional style, and appreciate decorative crown molding and similar details. A floating island and floating cabinets are part of a modern, minimalistic style that many homeowners are leaning towards now. Clean lights, contemporary colors, spacious and minimalistic details. If that style sounds more like your design interests, than the floating look should be considered for your kitchen design.

Just like standard kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands, this style comes in a variety of different wood species, paint colors, and countertops. You can truly create a kitchen to match your style and preferences down to the smallest detail.

Visit the Designers You Trust

We have many options when it comes to custom kitchen cabinetry at Kloter Farms. It is a joy for us to be able to work with you on your kitchen project. We have an almost endless variety of features for functionality in your kitchen. From traditional shaker style to modern floating kitchen cabinets, we can create something perfect for you. When you’re ready, visit us and speak with our kitchen cabinet experts so we can begin bringing your dream kitchen to life.

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